Things to Know


Be Sure To..

  • Make sure your timeline is set for your pictures. Sometimes things run over the time limit allowed and for you to get all the pictures you want make sure you leave a little wiggle room for your photographer to get the best shots. 
  • Be sure you have all your accessories together. Your photographer needs to get the detail shots so make sure you have everything from jewelry to garter to bouquet set aside for them the morning of the wedding.
  • Know that the camera will be on you the whole day, so make sure you are enjoying the festivities so it can show through in your photographs.
  • Don't be so posed all the time. Your photographer will capture you at your best, you don't have to worry about always sitting in the perfect pose every second.
  • Give your photographer as much information before the big day. On that day you will be thinking of 1000 other things, your photos do not have to be one of them. 
  • Get to know your photographer. They will be with you the entire day. You want someone your going to be comfortable around as well as your family and friend. Its not all about great photos, its also about linking your personalities together.
  • Try to keep your get ready room as tidy as you can. Nothing ruins a picture more than a room that looks like a girls locker room. 
  • Always remember to relax and enjoy your day over all things!