Tia N. Jenkins 

"Art Is My Passion, INK is my Outlet"

I must go through life with a camera at all times. Photography and Cinema have been a big part of my life for such a long time. As a little girl around the age of six I took tons of photos of my family with my first Polaroid Instant camera. I can't begin to imagine how much money my dad spent on film. I took pictures of everything and everyone around me. It's like I couldn't stop. I had to have memories of everything. When I was in elementary school I got my first Panasonic camcorder. I took it everywhere; school, friends homes, even church. As much as I documented, I never felt as if I was wasting film. Every memory had a story behind it. Every photo was an INK Blotch that came together to create a moment in time that I captured. Moments that should never be forgotten.

When I am not taking pictures I am spending time with my lovely assistant and main model, my three year old daughter Carleigh. She is the reason I choose to follow my dream of being behind a camera. She keeps me busy with building legos, going on trips to the zoo and toy store. I am very big on family and most of my other time is spent with them. I am also a writer, so when I'm not editing pictures or videos I am writing stories or poetry. If don't have a camera I most likely have a pen. Art is my passion, INK is my outlet .I am thankful to God for my life my talents and the wonderful people I am surrounded with. 

I am adventurous and love to try new things. I am very open for your thoughts and ideas. You create the memories and I will capture them. Feel free to ask me about any things you may want to do or try in your photo sessions and I will do my best to bring your concept to life. Contact me, I'd Love to hear from you!